MorSafety, MorTorq

The goal of Team 1515’s safety program is to embrace the FIRST value of “instilling a culture of safety” and to develop and execute safety programs that protect and educate students, teachers, and spectators at our machine shop, team events, and FIRST events. We look to use the current FIRST safety manual as a basis for our programs, but to expand and develop the basic ideas listed into a thriving program that uses new creative teaching methods, anticipates hazards and works to create guidelines for them in advance of problems, while most importantly always putting safety first.

Our personalized Safety Manual serves as a collection for all protocol, education, safety, and original documentation papers that are related to MorTorq’s safety program. A separate Logbook and SDS accompanies this manual to store all other safety documents.

If you're looking to continue developing your team's safety program or collaborate on safety, please contact us at Our Safety Captain would love to work with you!

Download our safety manual!