Students in the build division are responsible for learning how to safely use tools, design parts using CAD (Computer aided design), and construct a robot using materials and the machines available to them.

photo of Jack Schmidt
Jack SchmidtPresident

I like going to robotics. It's fun building and manufacturing parts. I feel very accomplished one the job is done and done well. I'm a senior and this is my fourth year on the team.

photo of Zura Nebieridze
Zura NebieridzeCAD Specialist

I have been doing Robotics for 2 years, and I learned a lot about engineering part of Robotics as well as what my passions are in general. I always loved math, problem solving, drawing, and listening to music, so in this team I found a perfect position - CAD specialist. It has math, problem solving, drawing components as well as you can listen to music while working, which you can not really do in the wood shop due to safety issues. So, robotics enabled me to learn something new, and apply my passions to it.

photo of Ali Hakam
Ali HakamTool Specialist

I love Robotics. Ever since I started in robotics as a Freshman, I've known it it was going to be my passion. The program is really beneficial for anyone interested in STEM, particularly Technology and Engineering, as it allows students to get a real world experience on problems Engineers face all the time. Throughout our competition seasons, I've earned skills in Computer Aided Design, assembly and machining, time management, leadership, problem solving, and countless others. Working with robots on such an advanced scale gives an outlook on to the future of many careers, and hobbies, allowing myself and thousands of others to gain a head start on life and their career choice. There is no program at a high school level that provides what FIRST, and robotics provides.